Emotional Freedom Techniques seminar for practitioners in Sofia
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Emotional Freedom Techniques seminar for practitioners in...

Emotional Freedom Techniques seminar for practitioners in Sofia


Emotional Freedom Techniques seminar for practitioners in Sofia

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  • barepBADEP

    in association with

    EFTMR Academy (United Kingdom) is organizing an EFT course for practitioners.


    Created by the American engineer from Stanford University this technique is also known as the psychological acupuncture and is getting more and more popular all over the world. It transforms the wide-spread understanding that psychotherapy takes for years to work if work at all by clearing phobias and other disorders in minutes. Today it is used as an effective solution to all sorts of emotional or physical problems, allergies, addictions, weight loss, eye-sight improvement and peak performance in any sphere of life. It takes minutes to apply and helps us deal with stress and negative emotions in a new, painless way.

    Our bodies have 14 energy channels or meridians which carry fine energy or electricity around the body. It is the same kind of energy which is registered by the electrocardiographs or electroencephalographs. Some 5000 years ago the ancient Chinese had discovered and mapped these meridians and the active points where they would apply their needles in order to stimulate the flow of “chi” or life energy and heal their patients. The major discovery of Gary Craig is that “the cause of all the negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system” unlike the traditional therapies that treat the upsetting memory.

    Applying the technique or the so called Basic recipe is done by tapping the end points of these 14 meridians while tuned into the negative emotion or physical discomfort and naming it. Tapping harmonizes the body's energy system and the emotion or the discomfort quickly disappear. Based on the Basic recipe Gary Craig developed several techniques: the Movie Technique, the Tearless Trauma Technique, the Tell The Story technique and so on. After using them people experience dramatic changes in their emotional and physical health and these changes are permanent.

    Emotional Freedom Techniques ® or EFT is part of the so called Energy Psychology and is being described as one of the most important breakthroughs in the area of mind-body healing in the last hundred years. Already thousands of people all over the world have benefited from using EFT and it is rapidly becoming known as a modern day miracle due to its radical release of emotional disturbances and physical ailments.

    EFT's exceptional advantage is its simplicity – easy to learn by anybody this technique is quick to apply at any time and in any situations – a true freedom on our fingertips!

    Who should attend:

    -       psychologists  (including students at university), psychotherapists, counselors, hypnotherapists, regressionists, homeopaths, NLP practitioners, naturopaths, nutritionists, social workers;

    -    professionals from alternative health modalities: EFT consultants, life coaches, SCENAR therapist, energy healers, masseurs, Yumeiho and Bowen practitioners, yoga instructors;

    -      people looking for effective methods for personal transformation;

    You will learn:

    -       how to apply the basic recipe in 10 different techniques

    -       how to easily get to the subconscious mind

    -       what could block the results with EFT and how to remedy this

    -       how to apply EFT on your clienst with brilliant results

    -       how to use EFT for healin physical ailments by removing the underlying emotional cause

    -       how to break limiting beliefs with EFT

    -       how to improve your life and the life of your clients with the help of EFT


    During the training you will practice to apply EFT on another person (client).


    What are the benefits for you:

    -       you will get an electronic certificate for an EFT practitioner – listing in our electronic register for certified practitioners of energy psychology with BADEP (Bulgarian Association for Development of Energy Psychology)

    -       the right to use the logo of BADEP for your professional practice and events

    -       opportunity for sharing expirience and exchanging sessions with fellow practitioners

    -       the opportunity to announce your own events on the website of BADEP

    -       the benefits to be part of a professional community, dedicated to creating awareness of Energy Psychology and your work as a practitioner


    The seminar will be 3 days in a row – Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday.


    MatrixMasterTrainerIrena smallTrainer:  Irena Relyovska-Barton, EFTMR Academy trainer for Bulgaria for EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. Irena is the only Bulgarian with the academic certificate EFT Cert - I awarded by EFT's creator Gary Craig. She is also an advanced EFT practitioner (Level 3) with the Association for Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET) and the AMT. She is the founder and chair person of Bulgarian Association for Development of Energy Psychology. Irena has been activley promoting energy psychology since 2010 through live demonstrations and video clips with EFT. She has been interviewed many times on TV and other media.  

    Price: 350EUR


    * If you book both Matrix Reimprinting seminar with Karl Dawson and EFT by 3rd Sep 2016 by paying 125 EUR booking fee  both seminars will cost 790 EUR


    Testimonials about Irena's seminars: 

    testimonialDear Irena,

    Thank you for the wonderful training in EFT Level 1 and 2. You revealed a whole new world to me of endless possibilities and opportunities to overcome obstacles on our way which block us to unleash our full potential as individuals. As a marvellous addition through participating in the group practices I got rid of a 20 year old chronic back pain that I have been struggling with! (Despite the fact that I had not specifically worked on it!)

    I am noticing other positive changes in the ways I feel in circumstances that were giving me discomfort before. Your love, passion and inspiration are so contagious. So keep spreading the light and help people grow and become their better selves.

    And once again a huge thank you!

                Dr. Ani Dimitrova MD, certified practitioner 


    testimonialI had no expectations for the seminar yet I feel ascended after these 3 days. That’s the word: ascended. I believe that Irena lives her mission. The experience with EFT that she has acquired is so evident. I am already recommending EFT to my clients and to my colleagues. EFT and Matrix Reimprinting enlighten and heal the darkness held in the soul like an instrument which lightens the truth. They set our hearts free and increase our potential to love. Thank you!

    Pavel Todorov psychotherapist, certified practitioner  



    testimonialI am extremely happy after attending the seminar. I have acquired self-awareness, techniques to reach the subconscious and new ways to work with any issue. The material was presented most interestingly and with a lot of fervour by Irena. I haven’t stopped practicing EFT after the seminar. In my opinion EFT is an extremely powerful instrument in a therapy and I think that EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are the therapy itself.

    H. Kovacheva psychologist, certified practitioner  


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