badep 1BULGARIAN ASSOCIATION FOR DEVELOPMENT OF ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY is a non-profit organization. The founders trained with the creators of the energy psychology techniques Gary Craig and Karl Dawson. Their mission is to create the Bulgarian equivalent of similar international organizations, who aim to introduce rules for teaching, certification, professional code of ethics and continuing professional development as a quality guarantee of the professional service delivered to the public.

The main focus of activity of the association is to introduce the original energy psychology modalities such as Emotional Freedom Techniques©, Matrix Reimprinting and others, to Bulgarian public and to promote them as effective non-medical alternative for physical and emotional health by addressing psychosomatic symptoms.

BADEP announces information about scientific researches and clinical tests for the effect of the application of energy psychology. Through the forum of the certified practitioners it also collects empiric proofs for the area of application of the modalities from the energy psychology.
By providing high quality trainings courses in energy psychology techniques together with the application of professional requirements to the practitioners, BADEP seeks to establish best professional practices in Bulgaria along the lines of similar organizations abroad. Creating conditions for continuity in training and a supportive environment for improving the experience is one way for further development of the Bulgarian experts in energy psychology worldwide.

Each registered practitioner has passed professional training with standardized structure and content, applies the techniques in their main professional practice and continuously excel their knowledge. By listing to BADEP they agreed to apply the Code of ethics and declared their commitment to the highest professional standards that underpin confidence in the professional association.
karl 1To achieve these ambitious goals BADEP cooperates with the largest EFT certification school in the world – EFTMR Academy UK and makes use of the experience and knowledge of its HONORARY CHAIRMAN, one of the founders of AAMET International, EFT-master Karl Dawson, the creator of Matrix Reimprinting with EFT.

Irena sm 2019Chair of BADEP is Irena Relyovska-Barton, the only Bulgarian with EFT Cert-I certification awarded by EFT's creator Gary Craig. She is also EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner with EFT International (former AAMET).


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