mindanimationGary Craig demonstrated three extraordinary sessions of EFT whilst the subjects brainwaves were monitored and displayed. Gwyneth Moss was there and here is her report.Exploring Consciousness with EFT
In September I travelled to the EFT Master ShowCase in Boston USA because I was intrigued by the announcement that Gary Craig would be doing EFT with people whilst their brain waves were being monitored. Fascinating, I thought, I've got to see this. The client wears a headband with EEG sensors which pick up the intensity of a range of frequencies of brain waves which are projected and displayed on large screens for the audience to see. Energy made visible!               Essentially our brain waves can be separated into four bands labelled:

Beta = faster waves of waking, thinking and of worrying or panic
Alpha = relaxed, sensory awareness like day dreaming
Theta = slower waves of subconsicous memory and emotion,
Delta = the slowest waves, both the sleep state and the psychic or healing state.

Observing Gary work and watching the displays we saw that before the EFT session the client would show a lot of worry thinking in the Beta range and as the tapping started the calm of Alpha would begin to show and then we'd see bursts of Theta as memories and emotions emerged into consciousness. Sometimes the Delta was hugely present especially when the person was connecting to someone or something beyond themselves. Overall as the session progressed the brain wave pattern stabilised and became more balanced. What this did was to make visible what we feel ourselves in using EFT and what our intuition tells us is happening when we work with others.
What was more extraordinary in Boston is that the clients themselves did not do any tapping and Gary did not tap on them as is his custom. Instead we the audience participated in a collective experiment and over 100 people did surrogate tapping for the person on the stage who simply sat there. The results were moving and astounding. We saw expression and posture change as emotion came and cleared. We heard insights, cognitive shifts and new perspectives. And we witnessed on the monitors the brain wave patterns change and stabilise.
I believe that seeing energy made visible in this structured way helps us to better develop our craft and confidence with EFT and to better understand our states of consciousness.
For example the alpha waves act as a bridge between the deeper theta waves of subconscious emotional memory and the beta waves of thinking awareness. This means that if there is no activity in the alpha band then the thinking mind cannot be aware of what is arising in the subconscious. When the bridge is present is when we get those cognitive shifts as the thinking mind helps you "get your head around" previously unresolved experience. What promotes the alpha? It is sensory experience so using short sensory words rather than long thinking words helps to build and maintain the bridge.
Gary had limited time and chose to spend it working with the clients rather than explaining what we saw on the monitors. It would have been nice to have had more time to ask questions and collectively discuss the experience. So back home from Boston I had to find out more and contacted Donna Bach and Gary Groesbeck, international experts in brainwave monitoring who assisted Gary in Boston and invited them to come over to the UK. We now have a date 26/27th April and our venue is The Craiglands Hotel in Ilkley. EFT Masters Rue Hass and Paul Lynch will join me in presenting and Sue Beer, Emma Roberts and Judy Byrne will act as facilitators of panel discussions.
What is also really interesting is that this brainwave work is based on that of British Bio-physicist Maxwell Cade. His research work in the 1970s pioneered our scientific understanding of states of consciousness and particularly of meditation. His book The Awakened Mind is a good read. Anna Wise an American who wrote The High Performance Mind worked with Max Cade for over ten years and measured the brainwave states of thousands of people to understand peak performance in a variety of fields from mathematics to meditation. Donna and Gary trained and worked with Anna Wise.
The format of our event will be that Donna and Gary will introduce how "high tech meets spirit tech" and explain to you about states of consciousness, what you will see, how to understand the display and what they mean by an "Awakened Mind". EFT Masters Rue Hass, Paul Lynch and myself will then work in turn with people on stage whilst they (and possibly the therapist too) are monitored with the EEG and Heart Math technology for all to see. Then we will sit as a panel to discuss what we saw and experienced and what we can learn from that. Donna and Gary have also agreed to run a two day Awakened Minds workshop in biofeedback on the Monday and Tuesday following.
Inserted with the courtesy of the author: Gwyneth Moss EFT Master



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